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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a content editor?

 Content editing (comprehensive editing or heavy editing) evaluates the overall style, formatting, and, well... content of a manuscript. Our goal is to optimize visual design and comprehensibility.

Do you offer internships?

Yes! Beginning in 2020, RomanSnail is partnering with local schools to offer student internships. High school students (ages 15+) will be selected based on a preliminary application, interview, and an interest in the overall publishing and writing industry. Our goal is to demonstrate every aspect of the publishing process with hands-on experience. During our weeks together, we will produce and publish a full book, from selecting the material to marketing, cover design/working with the artist, editing as a group and learning how to comment/critique, typesetting/graphic design/formatting, etc.

If you are interested in applying as an intern or to nominate your school for this program, please contact us at

What is a 'writer platform' and do I need one?

 A 'writer's platform' is your visibility or your ability to sell books as an author. Do you have followers on social media outlets? Do you maintain a successful blog? Are you frequently booked as a speaker for tours or business conferences? In simple terms, if you want to sell books, you need a platform; however, we enjoy supporting clients and artists who think outside of the typical box. For example, you might be a professional in another field. How can you combine your love of writing with other interests? Do you have any other ideas that might make your book uniquely marketable? Niche markets? Collaboration projects? We'd love to hear your ideas! Contact us at

What is ghostwriting?

Put simply, a ghostwriter is someone who writes material that is officially credited to someone else. A skilled ghostwriter can capture the individual tone and ‘voice’ (i.e. the unique style, attitude, and character) identifiable to the author. 

Why should I hire a ghostwriter?

Most of of us don't have the time to research and write several hundred pages of a memoir of biography, to say nothing of the ability to captivate readers with a well-written, well-paced story. A ghostwriter acts as both liaison and scribe to the creative side of your brain. They have the education, experience, and skill to make your story both marketable and enjoyable.

How much do you usually charge?

There is a lot of work that goes into writing a book. Ordinarily, the upfront cost a ghostwriter charges is based on several factors: the current writer's market, a ghostwriter's background and level of experience, the length of the finished project but primarily, the potential sales of your book. The higher the potential book sales, the higher the upfront cost. For example, the ghostwriter for a small business owner might charge an average of $50,000, while the ghostwriter for a president or world leader might charge upwards of $400,000.

But with or without that kind of cash, you have a unique story, and your voice deserves to be read. So, RomanSnail offers several payment options to bring your story from concept to publish. Contact us for a personalized quote!

I want someone to write my memoir. What should I expect?

Steps to Writing My Memoir

Every story, like every person, is different. These are general guidelines.

First, download and email your completed APPLICATION to

1. Know what you want to accomplish. 

If we don’t have an end destination, we can’t map out a route to get there. What is the purpose for writing your book? Who are you writing it for? (See our FREE MARKETING PLAN TEMPLATE for more information.)

2. Find your voice.

A ghostwriter’s job is to capture the individual tone and ‘voice’ (i.e. your unique style, attitude, and character) identifiable to the author. So, once we begin the project, there will be a series of phone or in-person interviews (depending on your location.) We want to get to know you because after all, your name will be on the cover.

3. Gather enough information to fill your book.

Send any helpful information to your ghostwriter. Have you already written a few potential chapters of your book? Do you have important emails or journal entries to share? Is there a live meeting or event that you would like your ghostwriter to attend? (Yes, we are willing to write articles and journalistic stories.) Your ghostwriter may ask for several audio recordings of stories or information that you would like included in your memoir.

4. Collaborate to write the first draft.

This is the longest step—getting the right words on the page. And for some, this may be the most difficult step—struggling through a long-term creative partnership. During this 1 to 3-month process, your ghostwriter is like a liaison to the creative side of your brain. Be prepared for a lot of questions. What is your oldest brother’s name? How did this experience make you feel? Can you describe the sounds, sights, and smells of this event? We want to make sure your voice is heard and your story is told correctly.

5. Read and revise your draft.

Finally, you have an opportunity to read a full draft! But it’s also time to answer even more questions. Did we correctly describe your point of view? Was this a factual account? Is this sentence something that you would say? Thankfully, there is no limit to the number of edits or drafts. Remember, our ghostwriters ultimately have creative say over the project (see our CONTRACT OVERVIEW), but the facts are yours. Do you feel like your book is accurate and ready to be published?

6. Send the book to the editor.

Once your collaborative writing project is finished, you have the option to send your book to one of our expert copy-editors. Copy editors not only proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, they review the full material. Are the facts accurate? Are there inconsistencies or repetition or inconsistencies or repetition...?

After that, it's time to set your book free into the world! Consider RomanSnail assisted or self-publishing services. We want your voice to be read!