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RomanSnail is a “hybrid-publisher” (self-publishing consultation and indie publishing) and entertainment company dedicated to giving artists fair representation and royalties. We provide each of our artists with a personalized marketing plan that is unique to his or her individual author platform and publishing goals, and we produce high-quality literature, art, and entertainment including book trailers, audiobooks, and original soundtracks.

RomanSnail is part of The VivaTec Project, a collaboration to build businesses and pursue dreams so that "as we live better, we give better."



 "Arielle provided insightful editorial feedback on my latest book, Harbor for the Nightingale. This novel is a complex alternate history, but her touch made it shine. Her running commentary in the beta read was priceless. I don't know what I would've done without her. And you can bet I will be asking her to beta-read my next book!"

- Kathleen Baldwin, award-winning bestselling author of the Stranje House series.

"The narrative flows so well together. Having seen both sides (what I said and what Arielle has written), I am so impressed with her writing, and I have so much respect for her as a person."

- Jitu Patel, author of What We Give: A Memoir (International Adviser, Emeritus Professional Member of the ASSP since 1982)

 "Working with Arielle is always a good experience. She's got the hard skills of being a punctual, sharp-eyed editor and 'go the distance' writer, but also the much needed and appreciated soft skills of knowing how to ask questions that get you thinking about how your work can be better, and of course putting in just-right compliments and encouragements that can keep you going during the often hard slog that is editing. Having someone so professional and also pleasant to work with is a treat, and my projects are always better off when she's involved."

- Whitney Gibbons, author and illustrator

"Arielle was such an amazing guest speaker for my creative writing classes. When I initially reached out to her, it was to show the students that there actually are jobs out there in the arts. Not only did she deliver on the publisher front, but she showed the kids that art can be a very viable career option for the students if they wish. I couldn't have asked for a better and more wonderful guest speaker. The students loved her!!!"

-Brigham Magnusson, English instructor at Mountain View High School




“I love finding truth in art, and the greatest truth is the power of an individual life.”

Arielle Rachel Tanner


Arielle Rachel Tanner

Author. Actress. Activist.

Arielle Rachel Tanner is an extroverted writer, ghostwriter, genre-splicer, chronic dancer, professional music and theatre addict, and friend to all fishes.

After years of training and experience in American Sign Language interpreting and Deaf theatre, Arielle earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Southern Virginia University (a diverse liberal arts college) where she fell in love with Shakespearean clowning and playwriting. She also graduated with an Institute of Religion diploma. From there, Arielle worked as a professional actress while she competed in East Coast Swing dance. She has performed in theatres around the United States (including the National Show Choir Competition and Mary Baldwin College in association with the American Shakespeare Center), and she specializes in teaching movement-based acting, East Coast Swing and Broadway dance styles, vocal performance, and Deaf theatre in schools and summer camps including Gilbert Classical Academy, Actor’s Youth Theatre, Mesa Community College, Gilbert and Mesa Public Schools, etc. She also spent several years as a youth counselor (Especially for Youth Programs), private school teacher, and Deaf kindergarten classroom aid.

In 2013, Arielle’s life and career took a very abrupt turn when she broke her spine. Because of previous injuries and trauma, her condition took over four years to diagnose while she slowly lost motor functions to the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia and Costochondritis. Fortunately, during that time, Arielle found the courage to pursue her secreted love of writing. Stories and art helped her to combat chronic depression and fatigue. Today, Arielle is on a bumpy but direct road to full recovery. Her unique skills and experiences allow her to write and speak about important issues like abuse and mental illness. Arielle is passionate about public speaking, women’s self-defense, marine conservation, and her volunteer work as a youth minister.

Arielle is a full-time writer, ghostwriter and CEO of RomanSnail Publishing with the nightlife of a musician. In addition to numerous writing and editing classes, online webinars, and publishing workshops, Arielle is the former writing student of multiple New York Times best-selling authors including Brandon Sanderson, Orson Scott Card, and Jeff Benedict. She is also a co-founder of The VivaTec Project, a collaboration to build businesses and pursue dreams so that “as we live better, we give better.” When she isn’t traveling or kayaking the waterways of the West, Arielle lives in Arizona with her hunky husband and a zoo of animal friends.

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The VivaTec Project


RomanSnail LLC is part of The VivaTec Project, a collaboration to build businesses and pursue dreams so that as we live better, we give better. We endeavor to alleviate poverty, clean our water of chemical and plastic waste, create and implement restorative technologies, make renewable energy technologies both accessible and affordable, promote social equality, and many more lasting changes.