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You have a unique story, and your voice deserves to be read. RomanSnail Publishing is a 'hybrid-publisher' (self-publishing, consultations, and assisted publishing) dedicated to giving artists fair representation and royalties. Our services also include professional ghostwriting, consultations, content editing and more!


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Jitendra Patel (Jitu) is known as "The Father of Safety," a pioneering founder of modern health and safety practices. He is an international occupational safety engineer and has conducted extensive and groundbreaking research in fire safety, chemical safety, explosions, health, and environment protection. In What We Give: A Memoir, Jitu shares stories of his incredible life experiences from his childhood in India to environmental disasters to his involvement in Desert Storm. Jitu raised himself out of poverty, became the director of safety, loss control and risk management for the largest oil company in the world, and devoted the rest of his life to giving back. "True success only comes when you have truly understood... you can build yourself again and be king."

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What We Give: A Memoir by Jitu Patel is available in paperback and ebook.

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